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MERIT LIST : History
Subject wise merit list based on guidelines and criteria notified by the Cluster University of Jammu, Jammu as per UGC guidelines notified vide No.F.1-2/2017(EC/PS) dated July 18, 2018 and published vide notification No. GSMPR/Coll/2021/935 Principal, Govt. SPMR College of Commerce, Jammu Dated: 28/05/2021, was displayed on the website from 23-06-2021 to 28-06-2021 and then from 01-07-2021 to 02-07-2021 for seeking objections from the applicants if any.

Candidates were advised to thoroughly check the points scored on the basis of UG/PG merit, higher qualification, Ph.D, M.Phil, NET/JRF/SET/SLET, Teaching / Post Doctoral Experience, Research Publications and Awards.

In all about 114 grievances/objections were reported by the candidates. All these were checked and resolved on the basis of their merit. A revised merit list was displayed on 17-07-2021 with all genuine corrections incorporated with the instructions to submit grievances /objections if any by 18.07.2021.

22 candidates submitted their grievances/objections and all were scrutinized and disposed off and accordingly a final merit list is displayed for engagement on academic arrangement 2021-22 on 22.07.2021.

Under the prevailing COVID-19 situation the committee does not hold any responsibility of the uploaded documents being forged/fake/tempered as the committee has not seen their original documents. Merit list has been prepared on the basis of the information provided by applicants and documents uploaded with the applications. The original documents will be verified at the time of physical verification and in the event of any information found false, incomplete, incorrect, forged, tempered etc. the candidature of the applicant will be cancelled without any notice thereof. Further, legal action warranted under rules shall be initiated.

Tie in merit points has been resolved on the basis of higher marks percentage in PG, and if the tie still persisted it has been resolved on the basis higher marks percentage in UG.
SNo.URNPostNameFather/HusbandPG PointsUG PointsExp PointsPh.D PointsMphil PointsNET/SLET/
SET Points
Research Paper PointsAward PointsUG%PG%Total Points
1CU/21/AP/HIS/0019Assistant ProfessorDr. JOSHINA JAMWALMr. ANGREZ SINGH23.0 19.05.525.
2CU/21/AP/HIS/0016Assistant ProfessorDr. IRFAN AHMEDMr. GHULAM NABI SERWAL23.0
3CU/21/AP/HIS/0021Assistant ProfessorDr. WASEEM RASHIDMr. ABDUL RASHID20.0
4CU/21/AP/HIS/0020Assistant ProfessorDr. MUZAFAR AHMAD MIRMr. GH AHMAD MIR23.0
5CU/21/AP/HIS/0027Assistant ProfessorDr. PARYAZ AHMAD BHATMr. GH MOHD BHAT23.0 10.01.525.
6CU/21/AP/HIS/0009Assistant ProfessorDr. INAMUL HAQMr. GH AHMAD MANTOO23.0
7CU/21/AP/HIS/0005Assistant ProfessorMr. WASEEM AHMAD DARMr. AB MAJEED DAR23.0
8CU/21/AP/HIS/0015Assistant ProfessorDr. BASHIR AHMAD BHATMr. GHULAM AHMAD BHAT23.0 10.03.525.
9CU/21/AP/HIS/0023Assistant ProfessorDr. ROSHI CHARAKMr. DALJIT SINGH CHARAK20.0
11CU/21/AP/HIS/0012Assistant ProfessorDr. SARVEER HUSSAIN AAKHOONMr. MOHD ABASS AAKHOON23.0 10.01.525.
13CU/21/AP/HIS/0018Assistant ProfessorDr. TABASUM IQBALMr. MOHD IQBAL SOHAIL20.0
14CU/21/AP/HIS/0024Assistant ProfessorDr. IRSHAD AHMAD DARMr. MOHD AKBAR DAR20.0
16CU/21/AP/HIS/0017Assistant ProfessorMr. MOHD ASHRAF WANIMr. ABDUL KHALIQ WANI20.0
17CU/21/AP/HIS/0002Assistant ProfessorDr. YASIR BASHIR DARMr. BASHIR AHMAD DAR20.0
18CU/21/AP/HIS/0004Assistant ProfessorDr. RAIS UL GULZARMr. GULL MOHD DAR23.0
19CU/21/AP/HIS/0022Assistant ProfessorMs. JASLEEN KOURMr. SATINDER SINGH25.0
20CU/21/AP/HIS/0003Assistant ProfessorMs. BHAWNA SHARMAMr. VIJAY KUMAR SHARMA23.0
21CU/21/AP/HIS/0010Assistant ProfessorMs. NEHA SHARMAMr. RACHHPAL SHARMA23.0
22CU/21/AP/HIS/0011Assistant ProfessorMs. RADHIKA RASYALMr. BHAGWAN SINGH RASYAL23.0
23CU/21/AP/HIS/0006Assistant ProfessorDr. MOHD IQBAL DARMr. MOHD MAQBOOL DAR20.0
24CU/21/AP/HIS/0007Assistant ProfessorMr. MAJID RAFIQ BUTTMr. MOHD. RAFIQ BUTT23.0
25CU/21/AP/HIS/0001Assistant ProfessorMr. SHUBHAM SINGH SAMBYALMr. G S SAMBYAL23.0
26CU/21/TA/HIS/0016Teaching AssistantMr. INAYATULLAH DINMr. SAMI ULLAH DIN25.0
27CU/21/TA/HIS/0009Teaching AssistantMr. MUZAFAR AHMAD DARMr. ALI MOHAMMAD DAR23.0
28CU/21/TA/HIS/0018Teaching AssistantMs. PALLVI SHARMAMr. SUBASH SHARMA20.0
29CU/21/TA/HIS/0007Teaching AssistantDr. GULZAR AHMAD DARMr. GULAM MOHAMMAD DAR23.0
30CU/21/AP/HIS/0014Assistant ProfessorMs. KUMARI RAJNIMr. B R SUMAN20.0
31CU/21/TA/HIS/0004Teaching AssistantMs. MAHVISH IQBALMr. MOHD IQBAL25.0
32CU/21/AP/HIS/0008Assistant ProfessorMr. DARSHAN KUMARMr. BHAGI RAM20.0
33CU/21/TA/HIS/0019Teaching AssistantMs. PRIYANKA GUJRALMr. RAJIV GUJRAL20.0
34CU/21/TA/HIS/0006Teaching AssistantMr. ARUN SINGHMr. JOGINDER SINGH23.0
35CU/21/TA/HIS/0005Teaching AssistantMs. SHEVATA SHARMAMr. DAULAT RAM23.0
36CU/21/TA/HIS/0017Teaching AssistantMs. RADHIKA KOTWALMr. GIRDHARI LAL23.0
37CU/21/TA/HIS/0015Teaching AssistantMs. POOJA SHARMAMr. BHARAT VIR BHUSHAN23.0
38CU/21/TA/HIS/0002Teaching AssistantMr. MEENA SHARMAMr. SAT PAUL SHARMA23.0
39CU/21/TA/HIS/0003Teaching AssistantMr. ZAHOOR AHMAD LONEMr. MOHD YOUSUF LONE23.0
40CU/21/TA/HIS/0010Teaching AssistantMr. ZAHID AHMAD MIRMr. MOHAMMAD MAQBOOL MIR23.0
41CU/21/TA/HIS/0013Teaching AssistantMs. FOZIA KOSSERMr. MOHD ARSHID MALIK23.0
42CU/21/TA/HIS/0001Teaching AssistantMr. SURAM SINGHMr. DEBA RAM23.0
43CU/21/TA/HIS/0012Teaching AssistantMr. SAHIL KUMARMr. ROMESH KUMAR23.0
44CU/21/TA/HIS/0014Teaching AssistantMrs. SONIA JAMWALMr. KARAN SINGH JAMWAL23.0
46CU/21/TA/HIS/0008Teaching AssistantMs. SWEETY KUMARIMr. CHUNI LAL23.0